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There are many great AI / computer vision Blogs out there that teach you some amazing things, Bleed AI does that but more, we’re passionate AI developers and Applied scientists that want to dive deeper and close the industry-academia gap by showing you exactly how to build fascinating AI applications using simple algorithms and state of the art models.
In a very short time, you’ll learn to build some really cool stuff using your favorite AI tools like OpenCV, TensorFlow, Mediapipe etc.

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Deep Learning, Deepfakes, Image Processing

Generating DeepFakes from a Single Image in Minutes

In this tutorial, we will learn how to manipulate facial expressions and create a DeepFake video out of a static image using the famous First-Order

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Computer Vision For Everyone, Theoretical

A 9000 Feet Overview of Entire AI Field + Semi & Self Supervised Learning | Episode 6

In this post, you will first learn about some interesting hybrid branches (Semi-Supervised Learning and Self-Supervised Learning) of AI, AI

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Application, Instagram Filters, OpenCV

Designing Advanced Image Filters in OpenCV | Creating Instagram Filters – Pt 3⁄3

This is the last tutorial in our 3 part Creating Instagram Filters series. In this tutorial, you will learn to create 10 very interesting and cool

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Featured Posts

Human Activity Recognition using TensorFlow (CNN + LSTM)

In this post, you’ll learn to implement human activity recognition on videos using a Convolutional Neural Network combined with a Long-Short Term

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Controlling Subway Surfers Game with Pose Detection using Mediapipe and Python

In last Week’s tutorial, we learned how to work with real-time pose detection and created a pose classification system. In this week’s tutorial,

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Building a Smart Intruder Detection System with OpenCV and your Phone

Watch the Video Tutorial for this post here Did you know that you can actually stream a Live Video wirelessly from your phone’s camera to

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If you’re new and want to dive into the world of AI but don’t know how, then we have put up a guide that takes you from Zero to Mastery in Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Computer Vision, in a simplified detailed and step by step manner.

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I’m Taha Anwar, a Computer Vision Engineer, an Applied Scientist, Entrepreneur, and a Mensan. In the past few years alone I have taught Computer Vision courses in Universities, delivered Seminars in events like Pycon, Google Developer Groups, etc, and various other prominent universities.

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