bleed ai premium subscribers (beta version)


✔ Graded Quizzes 

✔ Practice Assignments

✔ Premium Colab Notebooks

✔ Special Discount on Bleed AI Courses

✔ Priority Email Support 

New Blog Post Released Each Week

New Resources with each Blog.

Graded Quizzes

Every week we release a new blog post on an interesting computer vision problem. It’s really easy to just go over the post and call it a day.  But how much of the content did you actually understood or learned? So I plan to help you out by giving you Graded Quizzes that will test your knowledge of each blog post. Correct solutions are revealed at the end. This is an excellent way to make sure you retain the information presented on our posts.

Practice Assignments

One thing that I’ve seen people struggle with is that after learning a new concept or technique they are lost as how to apply it to another problem or how to add some variations to it.  So one other step we are taking to ensure that you actually learn to apply the techniques we teach is that we will also provide you with Practice Assignments / Challenges for each blog post (If it applies to it).  For the first few members, we will also try to integrate the Grading & Feedback ability for assignments.

Premium Colab Notebooks

Whenever we publish a blog post we will send Open Source code to our normal subscribers but as a premium subscriber you will also get a ready to run colab Notebooks that contain everything (media & model files) to run the code, so no need to download, install or configure just run, test and mess with the code on the fly. This is especially helpful for developers who either don’t have a strong Computer, have trouble configuring or simply don’t have the time. This will speed up your productivity and you can always download the files locally.

In the Notebooks we also give you comment permission so you can attach your questions on any individual cell in the notebook and we can answer it right there, this is extremely usefull. 

Special Discount on Bleed AI Courses

As a premium subscriber, you will get a special 10% OFF on All Bleed AI Courses.

Priority Email Support

At Bleed AI we got lots of emails from developers or students regarding their projects and due to work schedule it can take up to 4-5 days to provide them with a response but as a Premium Subscriber, you will get access to a high priority Support form through which we will be able to give you a response much faster.