(Urdu/Hindi) Image Classification With AI, ML & DL

By Taha Anwar

On March 12, 2020

In this Video I go Over 10 Different Ways To Perform Image Classification.
I also Cover how you Would perform Classification with Traditional AI, with ML & finally with DL.

I’m offering a premium 3-month Comprehensive State of the Art course in Computer Vision & Image Processing with Python (Urdu/Hindi). This course is a must take if you’re planning to start a career in Computer vision & Artificial Intelligence, the only prerequisite to this course is some programming experience in any language.

This course goes into the foundations of Image processing and Computer Vision, you learn from the ground up what the image is and how to manipulate it at the lowest level and then you gradually built up from there in the course, you learn other foundational techniques with their theories and how to use them effectively.

Let me know in the comments, you can also reach out to me personally for a 1 on 1 Coaching/consultation session in AI/computer vision regarding your project or your career.


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