Computer Vision & Image Processing with Python

(Video lectures in Urdu/Hindi, Course for Pakistani & Indian Audience)


Want to Start a Career in Computer Vision or Build that AI Startup you’ve been thinking about.


Our Computer Vision & Image Processing course is designed to help you master OpenCV with Python in just 3 months. This course is completely Applied meaning you can get right into building powerful applications without pondering into unnecessary Math. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer,  Engineer, researcher or even a University Student. The Only Prerequisite you need is just some programming experience in any language

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I’ll Say this Again!

  • You Don’t Need an Understanding of some complex Math Jargon to join this course.
  • I wont bombard you with some complex theory.
  • You  don’t require a degree in Computer Science.
  • You don’t even need to know python to get started. (Although knowledge of python is an Advantage)

Prerequisite: All you need is basic programming knowledge & experience and you’re all set to take on this course


Course Offerings



To test your knowledge, we have a Quiz at the end of each week. You have to pass each of these quizzes in order to Complete the course.


Optional Assignments

Inside the jupyter notebooks there are problems for you, so you can flex your coding skills, these are non graded but you’re highly encouraged to solve them.

Certificate Of Completion

If you manage to pass all the quizzes then you’re awarded with a certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


Jupyter Notebooks

Each lesson is delivered in a well structured Jupyter notebook that looks like a blog tutorial itself.


All jupyter notebooks are also available to view and download as pdfs, this is useful if you want to learn the material on mobile at a later time.

Video Lectures

Each Lesson is delivered in Urdu/Hindi Language, there are over 125 such video lectures covering in detail each concept.


Discussion Forums

Have Questions about the lectures? We got you covered by our Stackover style Questions & Answer Forums,  most   questions are answered under 24 hours.  


The course features other options like private messaging sections, profile sections & personal timelines so everyone can have a full classroom style immersive experience

So How is this Course going to make you a computer vision professional in 3 Months ?


So the course is structured like this, first we will start by a crash course in python & numpy then we’ll move on to image processing, learn how to manipulate images at the lowest level. Then we’ll learn classical computer vision techniques and learn to build cool projects using the classical algorithms, then we’ll learn machine learning & finally Inferential Deep Learning. 

Duration of whole Course: 3 months (12 weeks)

Here’s a breakdown of each stage.

Image Processing

In this part we will learn Fundamentals of Image processing. If you have dealt with predictive analytics before then you’d know the First step after data collection is preprocessing the data to get it into the right format.

Example: To do facial recognition you first perform facial detection to get all the faces in the image and then you feed all those faces to the facial recognition algorithm.

So most of the time you need some sort of preprocessing done before you apply computer vision on the images

In this course we go over a variety of Image processing techniques, We learn a variety of techniques to manipulate &  process the images & videos.

Classical Computer Vision

In this part we will learn about Classical computer vision techniques & algorithms, we will go over many algorithms from a basic haar cascade based face detector to other complex algorithms, In Fact you will learn multiple ways to create your own Classification, detection & segmentation pipelines. Believe it or not, I discuss 10 viable ways to build classification systems in this course, similarly you will be able to build custom pipelines in real world cases taking into account all the possibilities.

Computer Vision Projects

We learn best when we apply our knowledge in actual scenarios so In this part we will build some interesting Computer Vision applications, using the techniques we have learned in the initial weeks.

Here are some of the applications we will build:

  • A Virtual Pen 
  • A Virtual Drum 
  • A Shape detector that works on real time feed of Paper, on GUI drawings and on Images
  • Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak
  • Computer Vision based Game Bots

    Other than that we will also build other amazing applications throughout the course.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Finally we will learn to solve computer vision problems with machine learning techniques, we will learn the code and the theory to build a full custom Sign language recognition pipeline, Then we will extend our knowledge and learn to train an Object detector.

In the following weeks we will also learn multiple machine learning techniques for Object tracking and then we’ll move to deep learning. By using OpenCV’s DNN Module we will learn to do inference with 14-15 different state of the Art Neural networks.


Run Examples on Google Colab & Raspberry Pie

Since most of the notebooks use matplotlib for displaying, you can use these exact same notebooks and run on colab if you don’t want to bother with local installation.

Plus the examples in this course will also run on raspberry pie, so you can make some really interesting Robotic applications which have computer vision capabilities. Imagine the things you can build.

Certificate of Completion

If you manage to pass all Quizzes in the course then you’re awarded with this Certificate of Completion.

Refund Policy

First of all I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I hardly have students that regret buying this course, still If you feel that this course is not right for you within the 7-15 days of purchase then you can ask me a for a  refund by emailing at Support@bleedai.com. Simply put, I don’t want your money if  my course is not of any use to you.


I’ve been part of the Official OpenCV.org team for quite some time and I’ve put a lot of what I have learned and my experience in the field over the years inside this course. 

You can always choose to spend months on end to learn from YouTube tutorials, or doing coursera courses one after the other.  But I’ve made sure the value added in this course stands on its own. Simply put you get what I learned in years put into a nice digestible course lasting just 3 months.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, embrace it.


See what the students who took our course say about us

” Really impressed by the content delivered here. I would highly recommend students to take this course because not only the content is of high quality & explanations are clear but also it’s delivered in native language, which is a golden combo. “


Muhammad Naufil

IOT Teacher at PIAIC, Electronic Engineer

” The founder’s dedication and love for AI, and ability to convey complex concepts in a simplistic manner results in fantastic computer vision courses. The breadth of material & concepts covered in this 3 month course alone is remarkable. Highly recommended. “


Kumail Pirzada

Co-Founder at Zenveus

” From the looks of it, Taha has put a great deal of thought & effort into designing this course, the hierarchy of concepts are structured neatly enough for anyone to consume it easily. I think, you won’t get the value delivered in this course elsewhere on the internet so comprehensively put together in a neat and pedagogical way that is also au courant with the current trends in the market. “

Ahsan Memon

Sr. AI Architect, Renesis Tech PVT. LTD.

” Its a great course by team Bleed AI, all the concepts, theory & code were excellently delivered. I learned In demand Industry skills in Artificial Intelligence. I’m glad that I took this course and that I am able to apply the learned skills in my professional life. “


Jan Ali Kazmi

Machine Learning Intern, Bykea

” It’s an excellent course for any student who wants to master computer vision skills. Taha explains all the things and concepts very clearly, its way better than searching for the right video on youtube for each concept. Those who are thinking of having a future in computer vision and deep learning should take this course. “

Tulsi Kumar

Mechatronics Engineer

” I Started my journey as an intern at Bleed-AI, now I’m working as a Computer Vision Engineer at Xclusive solutions. I have completed multiple courses so far, deeplearning.ai, PIAIC & others,  but this course is on a league of its own. The content has been really engaging and creative. So happy that I got a chance to work with Taha Anwar. “

Mustafa Ali

Computer Vision Engineer, Xclusive Solutions Pvt Ltd.

” This guy is awesome. He’s explained the concepts really well. Various times I took help from Taha and every time he helped me and gave me very good suggestions regarding the issues. The support here is awesome. I would recommend this course to any techie. “


Muhammad Navaid

Deep Learning Developer

” Instructors at Bleed AI are really cooperative. I have learned a lot in this COMPUTER VISION course and it was very interesting, informative, and the way of teaching is so appreciable .

I am very thankful to Bleed AI for performing their part very well. I’m really glad that I’m a student here. “

Sidra Ibrahim

Electronics Engineering Student NED

” This computer vision course by Bleed AI was what I was looking for during my search for an authentic image processing and machine learning course. The CEO Taha is very clear on what he delivers during lectures and the best part is his simple language of deliverance and lots of examples. The precise information of each module makes me more excited for the upcoming lectures. I believe the course and its projects will help me overcome obstacles in my way of becoming a computer vision Scientist. “

Juwairiah Zia

Founder Healthcare Matrix, Grad Student at University of Manitoba, Canada


Is this course Onsite:

No, this course is Online and I have tried an Onsite version too and I can tell you with experience that my past students appreciated the Online version a lot more due to its extreme flexibility. In the Onsite version you had to be present at each lecture and be attentive at all times, If you need to ask questions then I can assure you that our Discussion forums are really effective, you can ask questions there and I will personally answer them. 

What are the timings for this course:

The course is completely self paced, this means you can watch lectures and complete quizzes at your own time and at your own pace. We want to give you full flexibility.

What is the prerequisite for this course:

The Only thing you need is programming experience in any language  (excluding HTML). If you know python then you have an advantage.

Will you teach us to train Neural Networks:

We will not cover how to train Neural Networks. If I were to do that then this course could have easily become 6-8 months long. If you’re not serious about computer vision and just want to get into Neural networks then you can do that with this free deeplearning.ai specialization at Coursera. Applying computer vision in Real life is a lot more than just learning to train neural nets.  Also the next course that we’re launching in a few months will teach you deep learning and it will built on top of this one

How long will I get Access to the course:

How about Lifetime Access, sounds good? So yeah all students will get a lifetime access to all materials in the course and will get Any Future Upgrades to this course Free of Cost.

Can you Give this Course for Free or reduce the price further:

This course cost me and my team more than a year to built but the major issue here is that the courses are not One off sales, there is constant support that’s needed and every student increases the server resources needed. So to maintain a high quality support & maintain the quality of future courses the price is not likely to go down.

Will I get a Job in this field after this Course:

This depends on your previous background. If you’re already a developer then this combined with your previous knowledge will likely land you a job role that utilizes your full talent. But if you don’t have a CS background Or if you’re looking for a complete career switch like becoming a Computer Vision Engineer at a big software house then you’ll need to add Deep learning & Deployment skills in your resume. I will be making courses to cover both of these areas in future. But if you’re in a hurry and want to start learning deep learning now then you can learn  that from deeplearning.ai  & learn deployment skills from here Tensorflow Deployment. For free. Note: Even these two specializations are not exactly specializations but a series of getting started courses. Even if you’re fully committed and work hard it will take 9-12 months to land a good job as a Vision engineer or similar. 

What if I don’t like this course:

First of all I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I hardly have any students that regret buying this course, still If you feel that this course is not right for you within 7-15 days of purchase then you can send me a refund email at Support@bleedai.com. 

For further Queries Please feel free to Contact Us At Support@bleedai.com