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Tensorflow 2.0 installation image
This is a multipurpose tutorial because not only we will install TensorFlow 2.0 with GPU but we will also set up our Nvidia GPU for OpenCV source installation so that we can use our GPU with the OpenCV DNN module. The Blog post for source installation of OpenCV in windows can be accessed here. Note: For this tutorial you must have an Nvidia Cuda compatible GPU & I’m also assuming that you already have python
In this single tutorial alone I go over 5 different Google AI Experiments, I show you how you can use them inside the browser and how most of them essentially work. As these applications are openSource you will also get the GitHub repo for these experiments. Some seasoned practitioners among you can even build on top of these applications and make something more interesting out of it. QUICK, DRAW Experiment Link Magic Sketch-Pad  / Sketch
In less than 10 minutes I teach you how to train an effective hand finger recognition classifier, a pose detection model & a sound recognition model and also show you multiple deployment options.If you’re not impressed yet than let me tell you this: “You won’t need any programming knowledge or need to install anything to work with this, an internet connection with a browser is sufficient.”Unless you’re using Internet Explorer 😐 So the tool we
In this video I discuss different domains in vision, like Classification, detection, localization, tracking. Computational photography techniques like black hole imagery etc, amazing applications with GANS like deepfakes, image inpainting, Cycle Gans  etc. I also talk about Geometrical Vision specifically 8 Different ways and techniques to Compute Depth. How Kinect v1 & v2 work and a lot lot more   I hope you found this tutorial useful. For future Tutorials by us, make sure to Subscribe to
Have You seen those Sci fi movies in which the detective tells the techie to zoom in on an image of the suspect and run an enhancement program and suddently that part of image is magically enhanced to a higher resolution instead of being pixelated. Feel free to take a look at a compilation of those exact scenes below. It’s also absurd, the amount of times that they all got a reflection of something in

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