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Emotion / Facial Expression Recognition with OpenCV.

A few weeks ago we learned how to do Super-Resolution using OpenCV’s DNN module, in today’s post we will perform

Computer Vision Crash Course with OpenCV & Python

If you’re looking for a single stand-alone Tutorial that will give you a good overall taste of the exciting field

Installation of OpenCV 4.3.0 in Windows 10 from Source with Nvidia GPU Support & Non-Free Flags Enabled.

In this post we are going to install OpenCV from Source in Windows 10. OpenCV stands for Open Source Computer

Installing Tensorflow 2.0 GPU in Windows & Setting Up Your Nvidia GPU for OpenCV DNN

This is a multipurpose tutorial because not only we will install TensorFlow 2.0 with GPU but we will also set

About Me

About Me


I’m Taha Anwar, a Computer Vision Engineer, an Applied Scientist, Entrepreneur, and a Mensan. In the past few years alone I have taught Computer Vision courses in Universities, delivered Seminars in events like Pycon, Google Developer Groups, etc, and various other prominent universities. Opensourced a number of computer vision applications and also published a convenience library in Vision on PyPI. Published a number of interesting High-Quality blog posts in Vision here at Bleed AI and some at LearnOpenCV.com. Published a State of the Art course in Computer Vision in Urdu/Hindi language which is unparalleled by any university course in vision. I have also worked with the Official OpenCV.org team for a few years. Bleed AI is my brainchild and in this website and our YouTube Channel, I release interesting tutorials weekly in order to educate engineers, scientists, students, hobbyists, about Computer Vision, image processing, machine learning, and deep learning.

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