(LearnOpenCV) Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with AI

(LearnOpenCV) Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with AI

Let’s play rock, paper scissors.

You think of your move and I’ll make mine below this line in 1…2…and 3.

I choose ROCK.

Well? …who won. It doesn’t matter cause you probably glanced at the word “ROCK” before thinking about a move or maybe you didn’t pay any heed to my feeble attempt at playing rock, paper, scissor with you in a blog post.

So why am I making some miserable attempts trying to play this game in text with you?

Let’s just say, a couple of months down the road in lockdown you just run out of fun ideas. To be honest I desperately need to socialize and do something fun. 

Ideally, I would love to play games with some good friends, …or just friends…or anyone who is willing to play.

Now I’m tired of video games. I want to go for something old fashioned, like something involving other intelligent beings, ideally a human. But because of the lockdown, we’re a bit short on those for close proximity activities. So what’s the next best thing?

AI of course. So yeah why not build an AI that would play with me whenever I want.

Now I don’t want to make a dumb AI bot that predicts randomly between rock, paper, and scissor, but rather I also don’t want to use any keyboard inputs or mouse. Just want to play the old fashioned way.

(LearnOpenCV) Creating a Virtual Pen And Eraser with OpenCV

(LearnOpenCV) Creating a Virtual Pen And Eraser with OpenCV

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just wave a pen in the air to draw something virtually and it actually draws it on the screen? It could be even more interesting if we didn’t use any special hardware to actually achieve this, just plain simple computer vision would do, in fact, we wouldn’t even need to use machine learning or deep learning to achieve this.

Here’s a demo of the Application that we will built.