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Things You Must Know About OpenCV, Revealing my Best Tips from Years of Experience

By Taha Anwar

On June 18, 2021

Watch the Full Video Here:

Today’s Video tutorial is the one I wish I had access to when I was starting out in OpenCV, in this video I reveal to you some very interesting information about the opencv including great tips regarding when to find the right resources, tutorials for the library.

I’ll start by briefly going over the history of OpenCV and then talk about other exciting topics.

Some of the things I will go through in this video

👉How to navigate the opencv docs to find what you’re looking for.
👉How to get details regarding any OpenCV function.
👉The differences between the C++ and python version of OpenCV and which one you should work with.
👉Pip installation of OpenCV vs Source installation.
👉Where to ask questions regarding OpenCV when you’re stuck.

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Computer Vision Practitioner, Vision Course Instructor, Founder/CEO Bleed-AI
Publishes Open source Projects, libraries and tutorials.
Also Works with the Official Opencv.Org Course team in managing their Course.
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Vehicle Detection with OpenCV using Contours + Background Subtraction

Vehicle Detection with OpenCV using Contours + Background Subtraction

In this video we will explore how you can perform tasks like vehicle detection using a simple but yet an effective approach of background-foreground subtraction. You will be learning about using background-foreground subtraction along with contour detection in OpenCV and how you tune different parameters to achieve better results.

(Video) Contour Detection 101: Contour Analysis (Pt:3)

(Video) Contour Detection 101: Contour Analysis (Pt:3)

This video is the third and final part of our mini-series Contour Detection 101. Since we have already learned to detect and manipulate contours in previous parts, in this video, I’ve covered Contour Analysis which will make you capable of detecting and recognizing objects in images, and videos and build some interesting applications like Real-time Shape detection.

In our upcoming course named Building Applications with Contours in OpenCV, I am gonna teach you to build Computer Vision applications using the concepts you have learned in the mini-series. The course will be released soon on our site so stay tuned for it.


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