Vehicle Detection with OpenCV using Contours + Background Subtraction

By Taha Anwar

On June 14, 2021

Watch the Full Video Here:

In this video we will explore how you can perform tasks like vehicle detection using a simple but yet an effective approach of background-foreground subtraction. You will be learning about using background-foreground subtraction along with contour detection in OpenCV and how you tune different parameters to achieve better results.

Download the code for the video by clicking the button below:

Human Activity Recognition using TensorFlow (CNN + LSTM)

Human Activity Recognition using TensorFlow (CNN + LSTM)

In this post, you’ll learn to implement human activity recognition on videos using a Convolutional Neural Network combined with a Long-Short Term Memory Network, we’ll be using two different architectures that you will create in TensorFlow We will also cover some theory about other approaches that can also be used to classify the videos.


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