(Video) Contour Detection 101: The Basics (Pt:1)

By Taha Anwar

On May 25, 2021

Watch the Full Video Here:


This video is a part of our upcoming Building Vision Applications with Contours and OpenCV course. In this video, I’ve covered all the basics of contours you need to know. You will learn how to detect and visualize contours, the various image pre-processing techniques required before detecting contours, and a lot more.

The course will be released in a couple of weeks on our site and will contain quizzes, assignments, and walkthroughs of high-level Jupyter notebooks which will teach you a variety of concepts.

Download the code for the video by clicking the button below:

Human Activity Recognition using TensorFlow (CNN + LSTM)

Human Activity Recognition using TensorFlow (CNN + LSTM)

In this post, you’ll learn to implement human activity recognition on videos using a Convolutional Neural Network combined with a Long-Short Term Memory Network, we’ll be using two different architectures that you will create in TensorFlow We will also cover some theory about other approaches that can also be used to classify the videos.


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